Once you have Linked your Hub to your App, the app will show the devices that are connected to your Waterlock system. At this point you can either tap on [ Finish Pairing ] to continue to configure your Waterlock system or you can tap on [ Add a device ] to add additional devices to your system.

If you are setting up your Waterlock system for the first time and no devices have been paired, you'll be shown the no devices found screen initially with the option to [ Search again ] or [ Add a device ].

At any time in the future, you can add new devices via the Pairing link in the App's menu options.

To add a new device to your Waterlock system, tap on the [ Add a device ] link and you will be asked to enter the [ Pairing Code ] which is located on the device.

Depending on the device being paired, the label can be located on the side or underside.

In both locations, the Pairing Code is clearly marked. Upon entering this code into the App when prompted and submitting the code, the device and Hub will successfully pair and you will see the device listed as a new device that has now been added to your App.

Repeat this process for all devices you wish to pair to the Hub.


You can watch a video guide that shows you how to pair and name a Sensor in the Waterlock App here:


  • I can't find my Pairing Code? - The Pairing Code is a 6-digit alpha-numeric code that is printed on a label that's attached to the device. Depending on the device being paired, this label maybe located on the underside or the top of the device and will be clearly marked as the Pairing Code.
  • I've turned on all my devices but nothing has been paired? - Not all devices auto-pair when switched on. Depending on what has been purchased, you may be required to add the devices manually through the Waterlock App as per the instructions shown above.
  • If I update my Waterlock App, do I have to pair all my devices again? - No, updating the Waterlock App when new releases are available does not impact your existing Waterlock system, so all devices currently paired will remain paired after updating the App.
  • My devices won't connect to the Hub? - Please ensure that both the Hub and the devices in question are powered up and that all cables are correctly installed. The LEDs should be clearly visible both on the Hub and the device/s, indicating that they are ready to pair. Refer to the section on device LEDs for further information.
  • The LEDs on my Hub are not on? - Ensure the power cable is connected to your Hub and that it's plugged into a mains socket which is switched on. Refer to the section on device LEDs for further information.
  • How do I tell the App if I'm connecting a Sensor or other device? - The Pairing Code is a unique code that confirms to the Hub what the device type is and will be displayed in your list of paired devices on the App.