How to use the skill?

When using the command 'Alexa, turn on the water', the valve in the Waterlock system will open to allow water to flow through the pipe. The 'Valve' lock will also switch to an 'ON' state. 

Using the command ‘Alexa, turn off the water’, this will issue a command to the system’s valve to close and block water from flowing through the pipe, also the ‘Valve’ lock will transition into an 'OFF' state. 

When saying ’Alexa, switch on valve’, the result is the same as when you would use the command ‘Alexa, turn on the water’ (but it uses the device's name) 

Using the 'Alexa, switch off Valve' command will work the same as when using the command 'Alexa, turn off the water'.

All of the available commands are listed below:

"Alexa, turn on the water."

"Alexa, turn off the water."

"Alexa, switch on the water."

"Alexa, switch off the water."

"Alexa, turn on valve."

"Alexa, switch on valve."

"Alexa, turn off valve"

"Alexa, switch off valve"